Scottish Roots

August 28, 2009

As an introduction, please permit me to offer you an overview.

Having been raised in Victoria, British Columbia, and being a forth generation resident of this beautiful city, I have held a desire to delve into the roots of civilization here in the Pacific Northwest and more specifically, the colonization of Victoria by Europeans.

Through the course of building this blog, I hope to start with the pre-European days where the numerous native nations co-existed, thrived and traded between themselves and with the Spanish, American and British traders that plied the coast in their tall ships. Following that, I will move forward to the settlement of the land by the Europeans, forward again to the development of the colony, likely ending off in the late 1800’s.

Hopefully it will be a slow process, such that you may be able to embed yourself into each step of the way, with my easy going format which I trust you will find interesting to follow.

For you who are already familiar with the story, please feel free to interject, correct if you deem it necessary, and hopefully ad fact related to your own heritage as long as it aligns with the particular time frame under discussion.

For you who have questions, fire away, after all this is a forum where even I have much to learn. If I can’t answer your query, I will attempt to direct you to those who can.

So hang on, fasten your literary and historic seat belts and lets see where this will lead us.

Daryl Ashby

Published author of “John Muir: West Coast Pioneer”.


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