1 bThis forum will be my endeavour to lead you from the earliest days of recorded history in the Pacific Northwest to approximately the 1880’s when the settlement boon of the coast was in full swing.

I will attempt to deliver this dialogue in such a manner that you will find it easy to follow and hopefully enjoyable to interact with, so please if you have any questions, feel free to deliver them. If you have personal notes form your own families heritage that will fit nicely into the era in which we are writing, please feel free to send them along. After all, this forum is designed to be a learning curve for us all.

As a final note, I trust that you will see through these pages that the Scots played not only a significant roll in settling these lands but possibly the primary roll in those first few decades commencing in 1842.

The accompanying map is of the Pacific Northwest, and more specifically the western half of British Columbia. I have shown the location of the early Hudson Bay Company forts so that you may reference them to the forum as we move along.

As a course of explanation, north is the left side of the map while south (Washington State) is to the right.

You may ask what gives me the right to be instrumental in this forum, well quite frankly, I am the published author of “John Muir: West Coast Pioneer” which has proven to be a very successful account of the first thirty years of settlement here in British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Having done so I am now considered a historian, although I would caution you to not take the title too seriously.

I represent a forth generation Victorian which not too many people can attest to and the same applies to my wifes family. The bottom line is that I hope you will gain some insight into how this beautiful land became what it is today.


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